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6ème Sens is a family operated and independent real estate group in Lyon that operates throughout France.

Located in Lyon and Paris, 6ème Sens Immobilier is ranked among the most important french real estate players, both for new and old properties. Famous for its diversified know-how, its iconic credentials and its ability to adapt to changing markets, 6ème Sens is organized around two business activities : promotion and upgrading in the residential and commercial sectors.

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6ème SENS Immobilier operates in the two following areas

Residential and Commercial Development

Creation of new properties including private and public housing, student lodging, ground floor retail spaces, offices, as well as business premises, logistics platforms, industrial buildings and commercial spaces.

Residential and Commercial Upgrading

6ème Sens renovates and rehabilitates commercial spaces as well as historical monuments and retail premises, an upgrading that can also include transformations into residential condominium units, offices, industrial premises…

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Famous for its diversified know-how, 6ème Sens relies on a team of professionals, all highly qualified in specific areas. This experienced team provides its clients with the best solutions to their requests.

Commercial Activities
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